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NZD/USD can’t stay above DMA 50

The pair NZD/USD extended its rise daily to its highest level since the march 30 to 0.7035 before losing momentum in the midst of a technical correction observed in the rate of the u.s. dollar. For the moment, the pair is traded in 0.7020, a rise of 0.33% on the day. Although sellers americans returned […]

AUD/USD reaches new highs above 0.7600

The fall of the us dollar on all fronts pushed the pair AUD/USD to break above 0.7600, for the first time since the 4 of April. It reached a peak of 0.7609 and then declined modestly. Until now it has been unable to make a rally above 0.7600, but still with a bullish tone. From […]

EUR/JPY extends gains above 115.00

The pair EUR/JPY has been able to erase losses, after bouncing off the monthly minimum, and during the session of America extended gains. The pair printed a new high at 115.66. Currently, traded at 115.50/55, up 30 pips from the closing price on Friday. Those profits, up to now, are sufficient for the euro to […]

Dollar to the low level of 100.00 to the view

The selling pressure around the dollar is lower today, dragging now the index of the dollar of the USA.STATES in the proximity to new lows in the zone of 100.00. U.s. dollar runs the risk of a test of 99,90 The index is extending the correction lower of the maximum in the region of 101.20 […]

EUR/USD marks new highs on 1.0660

The EUR/USD surpassed the highs of the asian session, before a renewed weakening of the dollar (especially against the european currencies). The quote came up 1.0663, reached the highest level since Thursday. The price is kept close to the maximum, testing the zone of 1.0660 and 50 pips above the closing of last week. While […]

EUR/USD seems to support around 1.06 — BBH

The EUR/USD seems to have found some solid support around the area of 1.0600, as they suggest analysts of BBH. Statements key: «The euro among major currencies, was of the worst performing last week, gaining 0.25%. However, there was little enthusiasm for selling the euro below $1.06, where is the trend line from the lows […]