AUD/USD moves away from the minimum daily in the weakness of the dollar

Although he could not take advantage of the gains of yesterday on Tuesday, the pair AUD/USD was able to move away from the minimum daily during the first half of the american session as the index of the U.S. dollar fell to its lowest level since the victory of the choice of Trump.

Having set a daily minimum at 0.7520, the pair AUD/USD is traded now at 0.7540, still below of 0.44% on the day.

The macro data mixed of the united States seem to have triggered a sale of USD, pushing the index of the US dollar to its lowest level since November 11 at 98.65.

By the time, the DXY is at 98.72, losing 0.2%. Meanwhile, driven by the risk sentiment positive, the performance of the bonds in u.s. dollars to 10 years rose above 2.3%, helping the index to find support at the moment.

The CPI data for the first quarter in Australia will be closely watched in the asian session. It expects the CPI to rise 2.2% annually, and a reading below consensus might trigger another sale of AUD, since it would allow the RBA to hold on to its monetary policy loose.

On the other hand, if inflation rises at a faster pace than expected, the AUD could gain strength in the speculations replenished from the RBA is going to raise rates in the short term.

The maximum of yesterday in 0.7585 could be seen as the first resistance technique to the couple in front of 0.7610 (April 17) and 0.7640 (2 April).

To the downside, support is located at 0.7500 (psychological level), 0.7470 (April 12) and 0.7400 (psychological level).

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