Burning forecast Report on U.S. employment

The number of new jobs in the United States over the July forecast +178 K. the Previous value of +222 K.The range of projections +144 +220 K. Why is this important?

Employment and its dynamics is the most important factor in the state economy, along with GDP, inflation and interest rates. It is quite obvious that the economy is in a state of healthy growth generates new jobs, while in recession employment also falls. The US economy is in a state of steady growth. +170 To be a good indicator. However, to influence the fed increasing the policy rate increase, need more — for example, employment growth is higher than +220 K. Our prediction is likely to attempt the growth rate of the EURUSD above 1.1845 towards 1.1950. But in the case of very strong data (above +220) — we will see a reversal and the Euro drops below 1.1780 towards 1.1680.

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