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You have heard of the action Toshiba as being a valuable asset to a trader ? Before you run out and in order to have all the cards in your hand, we suggest you discover here a detailed information sheet containing essential information to know about this action as a technical analysis history of its course, the analysis of its historical economic and financial recent, information on the detailed activities of this company as well as some stock market data general and its live course.

About the Toshiba group :

The Toshiba group is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of electronic and electrical products.

It operates through the following segments: Energy and infrastructure, community Solutions, health Systems and services, Devices and electronic components, Products and services of mode of life, and other.

The energy sector and the infrastructure provides the facilities of hydro, solar, geothermal and wind in the space with renewable, as well as systems for the production of thermal energy, hydroelectric and nuclear.

It also provides drive systems and power distribution to provide electricity to homes, commercial facilities and other users.

The segment community Solutions include infrastructure solutions for the city, which support the systems of water management, roads and disaster prevention and broadcasting; construction solutions, which manage the energy savings due to the use of lifts and escalators, environmentally friendly, air-conditioning and lighting; And retail solutions, which delivers POS systems developed.

The area of health systems and services provides solutions services and systems of health care, such as the diagnosis and the treatment, prevention, prognosis and the nursing care and health promotion.

The segment of electronic devices and components, manages the development of NAND flash memory, companies, semiconductor and activities LSI system. The segment’s Products and services Lifestyle includes digital products such as LCD tv and the Blu-ray Disc player, PC, laptop and tablet, and home appliances.

Stock market data important about the action Toshiba :

  • In 2017, the total market capitalization of the company Toshiba reached 1 327 641 MEUR.
  • The number of securities to be issued by Toshiba and outstanding on the market is of the order of 4.237.602.026.
  • The share price of the Toshiba is currently traded on the Main Market of the Tokyo stock Exchange in Japan.
  • The company Toshiba is also a part of the composition of the index, national stock exchange japanese Nikkei 225 and therefore counts among the 225 largest companies in the country with the highest capitalization.
  • The shareholding structure of the company Toshiba is currently composed of 50% of Toshiba Corp., 4.66% of Toshiba Tec Corp, 1.55% of Baillie Gifford & Co, 1.53% of Toshiba Tec Employees Stock Ownership Plan, of 1.26% of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc., 1.21% of Plar Capital LLP, 0.88% Norges Bank Investment Management, of 0.86% The Vanguard Group, of 0.80% of Dimensonal Fund Advisors LP and 0.73% FIL Investment Management Ltd. The rest of the assets of the company are floating.

Technical analysis is that historical price action Toshiba :

It is a good idea to focus on the technical analysis of share price Toshiba over a period of ten years in order to observe how the title behaves on the stock market.

The analysis of the charts since 2007 shows a very high volatility of this under both short-term and long-term with strong trends and marked and many of the micromotion.

From July 2007 to march 2009, the price of this title has first experienced a sharp depreciation and increased from 6.83 to€ 1.87€. It refranchira then the bar 4€ between April 2010 and may 2011, before plunging back down to 2.50€.

In April 2013, it will once again attempt to cross the symbolic threshold, without success, and as soon as the year 2015, the share price of the Toshiba reperdra many points, reaching its lowest level of the period to 1.26€.

At the beginning of the year 2017, the share price of the Toshiba is evolving close to 2€.

Historical economic and financial of the company Toshiba :

  • In September 2015, Toshiba has announced a loss of 37.83 billion yen in a month. The following month, it will sell its activities in the image sensor to Sony for $ 165 million. In December of the same year, Toshiba removes 6 800 posts and announces a record loss.
  • In June 2016, the group sold an 80% stake of its division of equipment, appliances Midea. In December of the same year, the group announced losses of several billion dollars due to the takeover of the activities of Chicaco Bridge & Iron at the end of 2015.
  • In 2017, the Toshiba group announces a loss of 5.9 billion due to the redemption in 2015 CB&I Stone & Webster. Toshiba then announced that the group is preparing to sell a large part of its business of flash memory. Offers of about 200 billion yen are offered by investment funds and companies specializing in semi-conductors, but Western Digita, which owns shares in these companies oppose it.
  • In the month of march 2017, Toshiba approves the bankruptcy of Westinghouse with more than 9.8 billion dollars of debt. In the following April, the French company Engie sells its 40% interest in Nugent, a subsidiary specializing in the construction of nuclear power plants in the United Kingdom to Toshiba for an amount of around € 139 million.

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