Dollar to the low level of 100.00 to the view

The selling pressure around the dollar is lower today, dragging now the index of the dollar of the USA.STATES in the proximity to new lows in the zone of 100.00.

U.s. dollar runs the risk of a test of 99,90 The index is extending the correction lower of the maximum in the region of 101.20 view last week, staying in the direction of test the lows of the Friday close of 99.90 and if it persists the bearish tone today.

The poor results of the manufacturing indicator of the manufacturing index of the united States have increased bias offered around the dollar, which adds to the recent figures, mediocre retail sales and the CPI for the month of march.

Yields in the money markets of the united States have managed to bounce below the minimum daily by the time, by limiting the decline in the index. Later in the session U.S., the index NAHB is expected, supported by figures of the flows of ICT.

Levels of the us dollar

The index is losing 0.44% to 100.05 showing the initial support at 100.04 (38.2% Fibo of the fall in march), followed by 99.93 (minimum of 6 of April) and finally 99.51 (23.6% Fibo of march).

On the other hand, a break above 100.63 (SMA of 55 days) would have the objective of 100.88 (61.8% Fibo of the fall in march) and then 101.07 (SMA 100 days).

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