Draghi : risks to the economy are improving, but it is still too early to draw any consequences

The press conference of Mario Draghi has just ended, without any new significant on the monetary policy of the ECB.

As broadly anticipated, Mario Draghi did not make any announcements today, but we will retain its positive tone on the economy of the euro area, where the downside risks tend to balance out.

However, the President of the ECB has reported that there has been no discussion by the Committee on options for the June meeting, or on a reduction of the stimulus money.

He also said that the ECB does not take into account the risk of the election of Marine Le Pen, because the central bank is no discussion of policy, but policies put in place. He also noted the economic risk that the run-the Brexit to the region.

The meeting ends on a tone broadly neutral, with a slight bias hawkish with the optimism on the economic outlook.

Replay our live commentary during the press conference of Mario Draghi.

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