EUR/USD marks new highs on 1.0660

The EUR/USD surpassed the highs of the asian session, before a renewed weakening of the dollar (especially against the european currencies). The quote came up 1.0663, reached the highest level since Thursday.

The price is kept close to the maximum, testing the zone of 1.0660 and 50 pips above the closing of last week. While the dollar index broke below 100.00.

In terms of economic data, today it became known that the index Empire Manufacturing, backed up strong from 16.4 to 5.2 in April, below the consensus of the market. The economic data can be passed to a second plane this week.

In the U.S. there will be no reports of high impact. While in the Eurozone, the most important event that comes are the elections in France. Attention is also latent on North Korea, the relations Russia — U.S. and u.s. policy.

Technical levels

From the current level, the resistors can be placed at 1.0675 (maximum 13 April), 1.0700 (psychological) and 1.0715. In the opposite direction, the supports can be seen at 1.0650, 1.0600/05 (minimum a day) and 1.0565/70.

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