Experience with IQ option

In order to get rich quickly, people have already tried a lot. Some use the roulette and the one-armed bandits, but these methods are rather questionable, since it is self-evidently gambling. However, when the stock market had been implemented, consumers had the opportunity to invest in a company they believed would develop well and participate in their prosperity. Warren Buffet and Andre Kostolany are examples of people who have successfully made a huge fortune through stock trading. However, their success today is no longer so easy to imitate, as the price fluctuations and thus also the possible price gains have reduced. However, with the advent of the Internet the option trade became possible and thus also the chance for quick profits.

In Germany, the so-called binary trade has become popularized, among which the online platform IQ option is one of the best-known providers.

The binary trade is derived from the binary system, the computer language, which only knows the digits zero and one. Accordingly, the binary trade results in almost absolute profit or loss. As an investor, you must first select a financial investment and then choose Call or Put. In the event that you expect an increase in the investment, select Call. If, on the other hand, you are speculating on a loss in the value of the financial product, click on Put. The entire trading process consists in determining the direction of your investment. If you are correct in your assessment, IQ Option pays you a 81 percent bonus, but if you are wrong, the online platform still pays you 15 percent of the original investment sum.

IQ Option offers you to invest in equities, indices, commodities and foreign exchange. You will also receive a bonus of 100 percent on your investment if this revenue has been achieved.

For beginners, the online platform offers yet another advantage. With the free and non-binding demo account, you can test the extent to which the principle of binary options appeals to you without real money.

In addition, the broker IQ Option offers you a whole range of interesting functions. For example, with the unique roll-over feature, you can further extend the duration of your option for a small fee if you notice that the target value is not reached in the given time. Also interesting are the various alarm functions, which let you know if a significant change has occurred.

If the 81 percent return is not enough, you have the option to choose the One Touch option and a possible 500 percent return. In the One Touch option, you must specify whether a specific reference value is exceeded or not.

From 200 Euros you can open an account with IQ Option, while each trade only requires the sum of 10 Euros. You can make the deposit easily by bank draft or credit card, the payment will be transferred to you within one week. Ioption has a comprehensive and easily accessible service, as well as various types of contributors, starters, standard, first class and elite. Depending on which you choose, you will have to pay a certain fee, but you will notice that this fee is more than weighed by the additional functions.

In conclusion, IQ Option is, as it were, both serious and attractive. The huge yield gives you the freedom to expand your wallet several times depending on your investment understanding.

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