Maximum Profit

Unlike shares and other financial investments we make money in both crashing and rising markets.

Unlike most other financial investments who charge you management fess and up-front and exit fees regardless of whether they are making you money, we do not charge anything until after you have made money. Not only do we have an incentive to perform, our results are superior while at the same time protecting your capital from rising and falling markets.

Currency markets are unique in that they are the only asset class that has never experienced an across-the-board bear market, or even a boom or bust like real-estate markets. In our collective opinion, it is as close to “crash-proof” investing as one can get. This makes currencies an excellent asset class for diversification. When one trader is down, another is up. Experienced traders can always find a profitable trend to ride somewhere in the foreign exchange markets.

Although forex investments are considered by some as riskier investments than traditional investments we believe when properly structured, these investments can be extremely attractive. One of the largest advantages of forex investments is in their ability to profit in virtually any economic environment. Time after time, the successful growth of this investment class thrives regardless of conditions such as a strong economy, low inflation, high interest rates, or a depressed sharemarket.

100% Liquidity

The foreign exchange market is the biggest, most dynamic and most liquid capital market in the world.

There is no minimum lock-in period that is usually associated with mutual funds and other asset classes. Clients are free to withdraw their funds at anytime with penalty.

In a managed account you own the currencies that make up your portfolio. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds that commingle your funds with other investors, a forex managed fund is an account in your name and all or part of your funds can be redeemed in one day.

Moreover if you do not like what you see, you can withdraw your money at anytime without penalty. You have total control over this.

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