Presidential Elections in france : 8 analyses of banks to anticipate the reaction of the Forex and EUR/USD

The first round of the French Presidential election, an event that is high-risk for the pair EUR/USD will take place this Sunday.

On this occasion, we offer you a selection of analyses and forecasts from banks, to prepare for this major event :

EUR/USD (Goldman Sachs) : What can be the impact of the French presidential elections on the single currency?

EUR (ING) : A negative result of the elections could further impact on other currencies than the Euro

EUR/USD (Maybank) : How could react the pair to the French election ?

EUR/USD (HSBC) Study : scenarios on the impact of the first round of the French presidential election on Forex

EUR/USD (UniCredit) : The upward pressure may intensify after the French elections

EUR/USD (UBS) : pay Attention to the excess of confidence which is pushing the Euro, the presidential election may still be surprised

France (HSBC) : the timing, The estimates and everything that it is necessary to monitor the first round of the French Presidential election

EUR/USD (Danske Bank) : In a tense geo-political context, the attention now turns to the French election

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