The gold is recovered from the minimum daily, around 1290 dollars

After you return to your daily minimum in 1285.80 dollar during the american session, the precious metal began to regain some lost strength and moved into the area positive.

For the moment, the XAU/USD rose 0.2% on the day to 1290.20 dollars. Although the precious metal seems to have regained a bullish momentum in the midst of a weakening of the dollar in the last few hours, the fact that u.s. stocks rise for the first time since last Wednesday is giving the yellow metal a difficult time, and again a risk appetite in the markets.

At this time, the Dow Jones industrial average is above the 93.75 points, and the S & P500 gained 9 points, or 0.4%. On the other hand, the Rate of Dollar is maintained near the critical level of 100, registering a daily loss of 0.45%. The macro data in the united States may have played a role in the recent collapse.

Technical perspective

The metal faces the first resistance at 1295 dollars (daily value) before you try the area of 1300 (psychological level) and 1306.50 (4 November).

To the downside, support could be seen in 1285.60 (daily minimum), 1272 (April 12) and 1261 (4 April).

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