The u.s. actions are subject to the French elections

The main stock indexes of the united States opened with a slight negative bias, as investors opted to stay on the sidelines for the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday.

In what is considered one of the races more strict to the second round, investors seemed uncomfortable for any direction and, therefore, led to a lack of brightness in the opening hour of the trading activity in the markets for variable-income americans.

The market also seems to digest the rally of the previous session, led by corporate earnings and optimistic comments from the Secretary of the Treasury of the united States, Steven Mnuchin, saying that the tax reforms of the president of the united states, Donald Trump, will be announced in the near future.

Meanwhile, the news of a terrorist attack in Paris also seems to be weighing on sentiment of investors and to cooperate with the action of moderate price during the opening time of the trade. At the time of writing this report, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 8 points until 20570, while the S & P 500 index rose 3 points to 2353. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite fell 6 points to 5.910.

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